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AZ WhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version 2021 (Official) Antiban

If you want a twist in your life then read this content carefully & completely. Modernization & Digitalization are the most common words of today life. In this modern & digital world, we have something special for you regarding communication. Yes, we have AZ WhatsApp Apk Latest version 2021 full description for you people.

AZ Whatsapp APK AZ WhatsApp Apk

AZ WhatsApp apk is an anti-ban, encrypted, modified version of Original WhatsApp. This version is end to end encrypted with dozens of modified features. Some app developers gave their best to launch this highly appreciated application. Font store, theme store, customization are highly appreciated features of AZ Whatsapp apk. Comparative Analysis of AZ WhatsApp Apk & Original WhatsApp is given below for your ease and understanding.


AZ Whatsapp Basic Information

App Name:AZ WhatsApp Apk
App Size:51MB
Android:5.5 or Above
Version:Latest Version 2021
Downloads:10,000 Plus
Recommendation:Highly Recommended

How to download AZ WhatsApp Apk file?

All third party apps are not available on any official store due to conflict of their legal or illegal terms. Therefore, users of such type of applications face a common problem like how they can download app file or wherefrom they can download authentic app file to install. The answers to all these questions have been arranged one by one.

  1. As AZ WhatsApp is third-party version & rejected by any official play store to launch
  2. So, it can be obtained by visit, On Google search bar, write az WhatsApp apk
  3. You can choose any authentic page to get & download AZ WhatsApp file
  4. A download link will be available & work when you will click on that
  5. AZ WhatsApp apk named file will be stored in the download storage folder

How to get Backup Data in AZ WhatsApp?

Only a few apps provide this option to restore or backup data within few minutes. Like these apps, AZ WhatsApp Apk also provides this landmark feature for its users.

  • You need to know that your old data will be present in the original WhatsApp
  • For seeking this entire data you will go for Whatsapp menu by clicking on three dots
  • In menu settings an option of Chat will be available containing “Chat Backup” option
  • Your data will be restored by doing all these steps for upcoming application AZ WhatsApp

AZ Whatsapp Free Download Latest Version

How to Install AZ WhatsApp Apk in Android?

Before installation of AZ WhatsApp, you need to uninstall the original WhatsApp version to avoid any inconvenience. There are some other steps to do for users before installation like unable the unknown sources.

Unable the Unknown Sources:

This is a crucial step to do for modified apps users because without this step you can’t install third-party apps. And your Android device will not allow the installation of such unrecognized application. To avoid this problem you must enable the unknown sources from your mobile settings.

  • First of all, connect your android device to a computer for transferring the AZ WhatsApp Apk downloaded file
  • After doing the above step, move to your android file storage
  • Tap on install option given on the bottom of the display to install
  • The installation will take a few minutes for processing
  • After processing, you need to do some steps for launching
  • Paste your Official name & Phone Number for Sign-in & contacting
  • After all these steps, copy your backup data file & paste into AZ WhatsApp Apk

Comparison of AZ WhatsApp Apk & Original WhatsApp

FeaturesAZ WhatsApp ApkOriginal WhatsApp
DND OptionYesNo
Fonts StoreYes AvailableNot Available
Theme StoreYes AvailableNot Available
Anti-delete MessagesYesNo
Language TranslationYesNo
App PasswordYes AvailableNot Available

AZ WhatsApp Apk Features:

Anti-ban Version

Az WhatsApp Latest version 2021 is an anti-ban version like official applications. If you have any query regarding banning so don’t need to take any tension.

Video into GIF

In this latest version, you can convert or transform different trending videos into a GIF for sharing

Font Store

It also provides you free of cost fascinating font store, from where you can download or use any favourite font. You can also enjoy different fonts colour, size, style and quality.

Theme Store

By using this version you will be able to use a unique & amazing collection of themes for making your display good-looking.

Anti-delete Messages

In this version, you can watch deleted messages sent by someone. This option will be useful when you will offline and will miss someone’s messages.

Requirements to download AZ WhatsApp Apk

Each type of application has its own basic requirements to be fulfilled.

  • Well connected smooth internet
  • Android version of 5.5 of More is required
  • Access to Gallery data( pictures, videos)
  • Access to your location & phone contacts
  • Space of 55 MB must be available in your android
People Also Ask (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions:

QNO.01: Is AZ WhatsApp Apk end to end encrypted?

Answer: Yes, In Az Whatsapp your chat is end to end encrypted.

QNO.02: Can we download AZ WhatsApp from Google Play Store?

Answer: No, it is not recognized by Official play stores like iOS & Google play store.

QNO.03: Is AZ Whatsapp apk an anti-ban application?

Answer: Yes, AZ WhatsApp Apk is an anti-ban app for users

QNO.04: Can we download Az WhatsApp in iOS/iPhone?

Answer: Yes, you can download & install az WhatsApp in iOS.

QNO.05: Is AZ latest version provide Customization for users?

Answer: Yes, Az Whatsapp provides a wide range of customization.


We have written about almost each & every version of WhatsApp and have done comparative analysis between various features of different WhatsApp versions. After doing all this we have
concluded that AZ WhatsApp Apk has somewhat new, unique, updated & amazing features instead of old and boring features.

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