GB WhatsApp Pro Download Latest Version (Official) Anti-Ban

If you are exploring the somewhat new in your career, then you are at the appropriate place. We are giving you somewhat new with complete descriptions. Today we are giving you an Anti-ban, modified the latest version of WhatsApp Messenger. We are talking about GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version 2020.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is an anti-ban, modified version of Original WhatsApp launched after GB WhatsApp, FM Whatsapp APKOG WhatsApp, Fouad Whatsapp with some improvement. This latest version of 2021 is becoming more popular due to its flourishing features like in GB WhatsApp Pro, you can share a file up to 100 MBs, but in the original WhatsApp, you can share a file of Maximum 15MBs. This type of quality & useful features made this application an emerging app of this century. You can make it a part of your digital life free of cost without any hidden charges.

GB Whatsapp pro

GB WhatsApp Pro Information:

App name:GB WhatsApp Pro
Version: 9.00
Market Base:
File size:57 MB
Android:4.0 or More

How to download GB WhatsApp Pro on Android?

There are many questions in users’ minds on how to download their favorite apps and download these apps. Now, you are at the right platform to reach the answers to these usual questions. Here we have to provide you the complete guide to download GB WhatsApp Pro Version.

  • As you know, it is a third-party version, so that can’t be obtained from any official source like Google Play Store.
  • Besides this authentic issue, you can download this pro-version file from the
  • On the Google website, this file will be available on official pages.
  • Then, transfer this downloaded pro version file to the android device.

GB WhatsApp Pro in iOS/iPhone

It’s bad luck for iPhone users that they can’t download and install unofficial versions of different apps. And face some issues in such jobs. Here are the same case and bad luck for iPhone users that they can’t avail of this opportunity.

How to Install GB WhatsApp Pro in Android?

After downloading the WhatsApp GB pro file, How to install it on the device effectively, we have designed some steps for users to follow and install the pro WhatsApp version.

  • Installation of GB Pro is the same as GB WhatsApp Messenger and as other ones.
  • Before installation, you should go for ‘’Chat Backup’’ to recover data.


How to Backup Data for GB WhatsApp Pro?

Before un-installation of original WhatsApp, you must do the backup. For this purpose, you should go for your WhatsApp settings and click on the Chat Backup. This will take a little bit of time to save your data.

  • After this compulsory step, you have to go for Installation of the Pro version
  • Firstly you will move to Android Device settings
  • Here you will explore an option for Unable the unknown sources
  • Because this pro version is a third-party app that will not be recognized by your phone
  • After the phone device will recognize this step app
  • Go for storage folder to pick the GB pro version file
  • Install option will be available after opening at the bottom
  • Install it, and this will take a minute period
  • After Installation Messenger Whatsapp, you will accept the terms & conditions provided by developers
  • Put your active phone number for app identity and verification
  • Congratulation! You have completed all required steps for GB pro Messenger

GB WhatsApp Pro 2021 Features

The style for Status:

GB WhatsApp Pro 2020 gives a unique and wonderful style for statuses. By using this feature, you will feel something new for statuses.

The style for Bottom Bar:

This pro version also provides another unique feature to change the bottom bar style in your own way.

Application Lock:

If we talk about security then, this version 2020 is highly recommended because it provides you a Locking App option.

Pro Version Themes:

One of the amazing features of this version is that you can download themes of your owns choice from the internet by clicking on the option available in settings.

Main Interface changing:

If you want to make your WhatsApp statuses like Instagram stories, then congratulation you can do this by entering the pro version 2020 in your life because this app has this impressive and modern feature.

Pro GB Version Style:

In this featured app, you can change the color and display of each icon. Due to this feature, your app will be looked more handsome.

GB Pro Font style:

The latest version 2020 has something new for you people about fonts, Yes we are talking about different fonts available in GB Pro. Here you will enjoy both English & Arabic fonts

Hide typing & recording option:

Some users want to hide the typing and recording option while typing some messages and recording voice. Now you can do hide both these options easily

Anti-Delete Messages:

In this Whatsapp version, you can see another twist of ADM. User can read the important messages from your friends after their deletion.

Difference Between GB WhatsApp Pro & Official WhatsApp

FeaturesGB WhatsApp ProWhatsApp
Application LockYesNO
Status Saver OptionYesNO
Anti-delete MessagesYesNO
Hide Typing OptionYesNO
Display ChangingAvailableNot Available
People Also Ask (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

We are giving you the answers to some frequently asked questions regarding GB WhatsApp Pro Application. After reading all these answers and their question, you will be delighted.

Q No.01: Is GB WhatsApp Pro 2021 the same as the GB WhatsApp?

Answer: No, GB WhatsApp Pro is the latest version of GB WhatsApp with some uniqueness.

Q No.02: Can we Install GB WhatsApp Pro in Non-Rooting Device?

Answer: Yes, you can install this pro version in both Rooting & Non-Rooting Devices.

Q No.03: Is GB Pro Version best in terms of Privacy & Security?

Answer: Yes, this latest version of 2020 is safe and secure in each term.

Q No.04: Can we install the iOS WhatsApp theme in GB WhatsApp Pro Version?

Answer: Yes, you can install the iPhone Whatsapp theme in this version.


Every app has some specific features for its users. But GB WhatsApp Pro has no such type of specificity, you can change desktop, display, layout, different bar colors, themes, icons in your owns choice. Overall performance & privacy is much better than any other Pro version. if you didn’t use this app until now, please try this GB WhatsApp Pro Latest Version 2020.

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