OG Whatsapp APK Download Latest Version ( Official) Anti-Ban

In this technology, each and everything is facing competitors. If anything wants to hold the time for a long period, it should be reliable, user-friendly, featured, and unique. OG WhatsApp is becoming more popular day by day due to its incredible, astonished and effective features. OG App made the life of its users easy.

OG WhatsApp 2021

OG WhatsApp is an alternative modified version of GB Whatsapp APK, FM Whatsapp APK, Whatsapp Plus, Fouad Whatsapp with its unique, additional, and advanced features. OG app is undoubtedly amazing, more reliable, and user-friendly for its users than any other version. OG WhatsApp 2021 is developed by a third party, not by the official developers. its an Anti-ban top-ranked android app. If
you didn’t use this featured app version until now; then you should try it at least once.

How to Download It?

You can download OG WhatsApp by following the given steps.

  • As we know, OG App is not an Official App, it is third party Application
  • So this application is not found on Google Play Store
  • For downloading the OG APK file, you will go to thesmartapk .com
  • Here, you can download the OG WhatsApp APK file

OG WhatsApp Specifications:

File Name:OG WhatsApp APK
Version:Latest Version
File Size:48 MB
File Cost:It’s free of cost
Version Users:10 Million+
Feedback:Highly Recommended
Android:5.0 or Higher

OG WhatsApp Features

  • OG Mod version is a remarkable achievement due to its customization, privacy, security, display and root status download features. So, we want to tell you all these features step by step.
  • OG WhatsApp is an Anti-ban version of the original WhatsApp. This feature is an important aspect
  • OG Mod Apk provides an option of Downloading the statuses posted by your friends, family members so that you can store some memories for future
  • This unique version has another remarkable option of a Pre-built Message scheduler. By using this feature, you can set a message schedule. According to this schedule, your message will be sent to the desired person. But for this feature, a good internet connection will be required so that your message will be sent surely.
  •  you can block any contact to avoid any inconvenience
  • This is more secure than any other version of Official WhatsApp
  • In this app you can set the name of a group with more than 35 characters, but in official WhatsApp, only a few letters are allowed to write
  • Another incredible feature of this app is that you can share up to 90 images, but on official WhatsApp only a few pictures are allowed to share at a time.
  • In this app, you can call a person without adding his/her number to the contact list, but in original WhatsApp, you can call only when his/her will be added.
  • You can enjoy a huge collection of unique and advanced Emojis.
  • You can customize a theme of your own choice.
  • You can preview the images and videos without downloading, this is a most amazing feature of this version.
  • You can change the color and logo of WhatsApp & can also change the color of different bar and layouts.
  • Overall Performance of OG WhatsApp is awesome

How to Backup WhatsApp Data?

Backup data from original WhatsApp is necessary to protect data from eradication. So, here are some simple steps to be followed to avoid any inconvenience.

  1. For Backup, you will go for WhatsApp Settings.
  2. Here you will touch on the Chat Backup option.
  3. This will take a few bit time to complete

How to Install OG Whatsapp on Android?

Installation of the OG Application is the same as you have tried in other versions of WhatsApp. But here we have to talk about, How to install OG App on Android & iOS/iPhone?.

  • Before Installation of OG App, you will move to Mobile Settings

Mobile Setting

  • .In Settings, you should Enable the option of file from Unknown Sources

  • After this step, your OG apk file will be Installed and picked by Mobile.
  • Then, you will move towards the version storage file.
  • Open this file and click on the Install option at the bottom of the display.
  • Wait, please! This will take some time to complete

Installing OG Whatsapp

  • After Installation, you will do some post-installation steps.
  • Acceptance of ‘’Terms & Conditions’’ and placement of Phone Number
  • After Verification, you will be able to enjoy this Luxury App.
People Also Ask (FAQs)

OG WhatsApp FAQs

There are some frequently asked questions about OG WhatsApp that we receive on daily basis from its Users. So, It’s our sole responsibility to answer all these questions appropriately.

Q No.1: Can we say that OG WhatsApp is the secure version?

Ans: Yes, Absolutely we can say that OG WhatsApp is more secure than any other one.

Q No.2: Are there any charges for OG WhatsApp?

Ans: No, there are not any hidden charges for this feature-full app.

Q No.3: Is there any requirement for Rooting of Device in OG WhatsApp?

Ans: There is no requirement for this one in OG WhatsApp.

Q No.4: Is OG WhatsApp, an Anti-ban version of WhatsApp?

Ans: Yes sure, this version is an Anti-ban moded version

Q No.5: OG WhatsApp is available on Google Play Store?

Ans: No, it is not available on Google Play Store. You can download it from thesmartapk.com


As a whole, we can say that OG WhatsApp 2021 is the only version of Original WhatsApp that is Anti-ban, faster, secure, full of privacy settings, and customized. After using and reviewing all its features, we recommend it for every WhatsApp user so that he can enjoy a social life with different colors and with unique aspects. Anyway, we have provided a lot of information regarding every aspect of OG App like its specifications, how to download, how to install, how to backup data, customizations, frequently asked questions, etc. Now it’s your time to download and install it on your device and enjoy it

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