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You have listened about modifications or improvements in your life. But now it’s time to look at an example of real modification & improvement in digital communication. Yes, we are talking about Royal WhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2021. This is featured full application with hundreds of modifications for its user’s convenience. At a bottom complete range of Royal WhatsApp Apk description is provided from its basic requirements to installation source & FAQs.

Royal WhatsApp

Royal WhatsApp

Royal WhatsApp Apk is another modified, third-party application of Official WhatsApp. This version has something new & special for its users and users of old original WhatsApp. After reading this description, you will be excited to download & install it in your android device surely. One of the latest versions of this app is 2.18.203 which you can obtain from any authentic page.

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App NameRoyal WhatsApp
VersionLatest Version 2021
Android:5.0 or More
Apps Size22 MB
Users Feedback:Highly Recommended

How to download Royal WhatsApp?

As it is modified third-party application so you can obtain its original file from any authentic page. In order to download the latest version of Royal WhatsApp Apk 2020, you have to follow the given steps one by one.

  • There will be an issue for users while exploring its version file from “Google Play Store
  • Because it will not be available on any official source IOS/ Play Store
  • If you want to download Royal WhatsApp Apk file, then you need to go for Google search bar
  • In the search bar, you will put royal WhatsApp apk latest version 2021
  • Different authentic pages are available with link to download.
  • After clicking on the link given, royal WhatsApp file will be downloaded & will be stored in your download folder.

How to unable the unknown sources in Android?

Before installation, you should go for this necessary step to do, because without doing this step you cannot install any modified/ third-party app. After doing this step you will be able to launch Royal WhatsApp Apk without any inconvenience.

  • 1st thing to go for “Android/Mobile general Settings”
  • In settings, an option of “unable the unknown sources” will be looked
  • You just need to unable this option for upcoming unknown apps.

How to Backup Data in WhatsApp?

Backup data is a very useful step to do, by using this option you can save your previous app data properly without losing.

  • For this opportunity, you will go for WhatsApp Settings by clicking on the 3 dots available on the right top corner
  • In the settings option, another chat option is available.
  • “Chat Backup” option will be looked at bottom to recover data before uninstall Original WhatsApp

How to Install Royal WhatsApp in Android?

There are some pre-installation & some post-installation steps to do for users. Here, we are giving you complete details regarding how you can install this version of WhatsApp in your iOS & in Android.

  • Initially, pick the Royal WhatsApp Apk downloaded file from download storage
  • Open this file & click on install option
  • Installing option will be available on the bottom corner of the display
  • For this, the Installation process will take 1-2 minutes hardly
  • After Installation loading, please accept “terms & conditions” by ticking a box
  • Please submit your Name & “Phone number” in given bar/box
  • Congratulations! Royal WhatsApp has been launched in your device

Comparison between Royal WhatsApp & Original WhatsApp

FeaturesRoyal WhatsAppOrignal WhatsApp
File SpecificityNoYes
Character Limits255 Characters144 Characters
File Size22MB48 MB
DND OptionYesNo
Theme StoreYes AvailableNot Available
Play Store AvailabilityNoYes
Emoji Replacement optionYesNo

Royal WhatsApp Features

Fastest Version

Royal WhatsApp Apk is one of the fastest, stable & secure versions of WhatsApp.

Status Character Limits

In this version, you can share the status of a maximum of 255 characters instead of any limitations. But in original WhatsApp, you can share the status of just 144 characters.


Customization of royal WhatsApp apk is incredible with dozens of smart features to display. The display is full of colours, unique designs & fonts unlike other versions of Whatsapp.

No Specificity in File Format

There is no specificity for files in Royal WhatsApp Apk, you can share each & any type of file format by using this version.

Privacy & Security

We have discussed a lot of elements about royal WhatsApp latest version 2021, but it will be unfair if we don’t talk about privacy and security. This app provides you complete security and privacy at any stage & your data will remain safe and secure.

Basic Requirements

These are basic requirements to install Royal WhatsApp Apk in your device properly

  • Android Requirements of 5.5 or More
  • Well-connected Internet
  • Un-installation of the original version
  • Access to your contacts & media gallery for sharing
People Also Ask (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions arise day by day in the mind of Royal WhatsApp users. It’s our sole responsibility to answer all these questions appropriately.

Q.01: Is Royal WhatsApp legal version of WhatsApp?

Answer: This is the highly asked question about any app. But here the answer is no.

Q.02: Does royal WhatsApp apk provide theme customization for its users?

Answer: Yes, this version provides full customization range including theme, font size & colour.

Q.03: Is Royal WhatsApp latest version safe & secure to use?

Answer: Yes, Absolutely it is safe & secure to use without any issue.

Q.04: Can we install royal WhatsApp in iOS?

Answer: Yes, you can install it in iOS by downloading the file from thesmartapk

Q.05: Is Royal WhatsApp available on Google Play Store?

Answer: No, it’s a third-party app so it can’t be available on Google store for users


There are many applications available for android devices in this digital world but only a few are those which provide a large collection of features with privacy and security. Basically, Royal WhatsApp is modified & improved version but it has its own name since its creation. If you didn’t use this app till now then use it and give feedback & review.

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